Get Your Internationally Accredited Emotional Drive & Motivation Trainer Certification!
This Emotional Drive & Motivation Trainer Certification is Accredited by the American Institute of Business Psychology

Emotional Drive and Motivation Certification

Emotional Drive is WHY People Do what they Do. Easily Identify Motivators and barriers to success. Combine with Colored Brain and Create High Performers teams with the Team Success Matrix. Inspire People and Teams with Better Leadership


BALI  26 - 27 SEPTEMBER 2018

KL 1 - 2 DECEMBER 2018


Internationally Accredited by the American Institute of Business Psychology

DC Psychology is an Accredited Methodology

Colored Brain is a part of the Directive Communication Psychology Discipline and it is globally recognised by the AIOBP as an Effective System to affect Change in Group Dynamics

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What Else You Get With This Certification

Full Colored DC Psychology Manual and Workbook

The Complete DC Psychology Manual and workbook is designed to be comprehensive in all the foundations of DC Psychology

Human Emotional Drive Mirrored Assesment (EDMA)

There are distinct differences between how we see ourselves and how others see us. When we become aware of these, we can correct our path

Additional DC Tools for More Effective Learning

In addition to the Colored Brain Tools, you will get other set of tools to make learning easier, faster and more fun.