COVID-19 FREE Organizational Culture Initiative to Bring Purpose and Creativity to Employees Even if they have taken a Pay Reduction 

We are giving away $1,000,000 in Consulting so you do not need to justify the initiative while cutting costs. Our goal is to support improved Moral  by helping Staff and Management to Create  their IDEAL Work Culture during Downtime 

Positive emotions improve immunity, and human beings with Purpose are far more excited, creative in problem solving, and productive… Purpose and a goal that will affect the larger organization while improving work life, yields hope… and hope is the fuel of greatness… and what if employees gained purpose if creating a better Culture for them to go back to, an Ideal Work environment where they would thrive and succeed in their jobs. And what if they united to achieve this? 

Crisis brings people together if they have a common goal… a goal like improving their workplace so they can achieve more, be more, and have more potential when they return to work. Combine people with purpose, and amazing things are possible… especially during a crisis!

Arthur Carmazzi and 47 of Certified Organizational Culture Consultants are joining the effort to support companies and their people by donating time and expertise to facilitate and advise companies in how to turn this crisis, into opportunity. How to give your people purpose while facilitating them to improve organizational culture.