When You Join The DC Partner Program You’ll Be Doing Yourself And Your Training or Coaching Company

A Huge Favour

And you’ll very likely be putting yourself in the driver's seat for BIGGER paydays more often.

So Why Promote Our Offers to Your Audience?

Earn money forever:

YOU earn 40% per sale on our flagship online certifications. Our products range from $280 to $980 so you have the chance to make some huge commissions by promoting our offers. Since customers often upgrade to other solutions, you get paid every time they do… and that is continued “forever”.

Reliable payments:

We care about every lead you bring us. So not only will you earn a generous commission on the product you promote, but when that lead orders one of our other products, we’ll pay you for that too! Since we do our own upsells and promotions, when your customer buys something new from our lucrative sales funnel, you reap the benefit. Without lifting a finger.

Short sales cycle:

Our average sales cycle is seven days with the nearest possible sale starting in as little as one day. Other affiliates might not convert your prospects for weeks, but we’re always refining and testing our process so you can start making sales as quickly as possible.

Customer service:

You won’t have to worry about fulfilment or customer service issues. Our client care team is the best in the industry and will take care of everything so you can focus on the most important thing for your business… making as much money as possible without all the hassle.

Awesome reporting:

Clear, concise, easy to read reports. Track your clicks, stats, sales, commissions, ledgers & more! Inside our Partner Portal, you’ll be able to quickly access all the important metrics that show you just how well our offers are performing for you.

High impact sales tools

Most of the copy is written by Arthur personally based on what has worked for us. And don’t forget Mario, Feri, Hambar and Dedy who are constantly designing high converting graphs, brand building videos and Infographics and super cool ads