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In this online workshop, Arthur will share with you the behind the scenes MACHINE that has created an international Training and Consulting business that has generates over $1 Million a year in revenue

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Personality and psychometric profiling is a HUGE market, but Colored Brain stands out, The Colored Brain Practitioner Certification is the most practical entry level certification, and its online. ...and Colored Brain is the easiest to understand and implement across all staff levels, and provides insights to one major factor in communication and interpretation: The Brain’s Ambiguity Relief (how the brain gets clarity and translates that into action)... and we give your friends all the research and infographics to show its credibility

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A 3-day workshop that includes everything in the Practitioner certification, plus, detailed implementation practice to be more competent in the application of Colored Brain psychology. This is a "Trainer" certification for implementation in training and coaching to achieve behavior change and improve synergy to support High Performing Teams and Relationships

The DC Train the Trainer Certification provides 4 Internationally Recognized Certifications in Directive Communication Psychology that are Accredited by the American Institute of Business Psychology (AIOBP). DC Certified Trainers are licensed to deliver various branded programs, have resell rights for DC tool, and have the Rights to Give AIOBP Internationally Accredited Certificates in “Leadership Psychology”

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Earn up to $12,000 a week helping companies “Measurably” improve their engagement and efficiency, and supporting Digital Transformation initiatives… and our tools do most of the work for you
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This is System is based on the internationally accredited Directive Communication Psychology Culture Revolution Process for sustainable organizational change.