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with 4 Internationally Accredited Certificates

Add the remaining 3 DC Psychology certificates to your Colored Brain Practitioner Certification and get the Entitlement of DC Psychology Practitioner

Here are the 4 Certificates that Make up the DC Psychology Practitioner Certification

Internationally Accredited by the American Institute of Business Psychology

DC Psychology is an Accredited Methodology

Colored Brain is a part of the Directive Communication Psychology Discipline and it is globally recognised by the AIOBP as an Effective System to affect Change in Group Dynamics

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Learn more about the Elite and Powerful DC Psychology and How you can use it to transform
Your Life, Business, Relationship, Kids... and the lives of Others

Colored Brain Practitioner Certification - Yours Already 

The Foundation Module. Colored Brain gives you the HOW people do what they do and the Power to Transform Communication, Teamwork and More. Deeply Connect with others and move them to Action by supporting their colored Action Sequence

Usual Price: $980

Environment and Influence Certification

As Humans, we have the Need to Be Right and our brain often tricks into focusing only on what suports that idea and deletes the rest... Understanding how our internal focus mechanism affects our environment is the Key to Our Influence and the solving problems that keep coming back.

Usual Price: $880

Emotional Drive and Motication Practitioner Certification

Emotional Drive is WHY People Do what they Do. Easily Identify Motivators and barriers to success. Combine with Colored Brain and Create High Performers teams with the Team Success Matrix. Inspire People and Teams with Better Leadership

Usual Price: $980

Postures and the Mind Body Connection Certification 

Moods affect the people around you and we often feel we do not have control. But each mood, good and bad, has a recipe. Understanding and controling these postures and their emotional effects gives the power to not only change your moods, but affect the moods of people around you

Usual Price: $880


The story Continues with Rama, Mary and Jack going on a Knights Quest, Traveling Back in Time to Ancient Egypt and Exploring a Medieval Castle to discover the Secrets to Transforming Group Dynamics and Organizational Cultures 

The story Continues with Rama, Mary and Jack going on a Knights Quest, Traveling Back in Time to Ancient Egypt and Exploring a Medieval Castle to discover the Secrets to Transforming Group Dynamics and Organizational Cultures 

Throughout these additional 3 modules, Arthur Carmazzi takes you journey of learning that applies ALL of the DC Psychology Learning Processes that You can apply to improve Culture and Transform Teams, Marketing and Relationships. Not Only Will You Learn the FULL Dc Psychology Methods and their applications, but you will have personal life changing break throughs. You Will Learn:

  • Know Why you achieve so much in some groups, but do poorly in others and Take Control

  • Know Why some people bring out  the best in you, and others  the worst and Take Control

  • Know Why Relationships start great, but end badly and Build Passionate Lasting Relationships

  • Know Why One Misplaced Person can Destroy a Productive and Motivated Team and How to Match the Right People with the Right Team

  • Learn how to Profile someone in 7 Minutes so well that it Appears like MIND READING

  • Learn how to Change Your Mood in less that 20 seconds and Affect the Moods of Others with the Same Strategies 

  • ...and so Much More

What Else You Get With This Certification

Full Colored DC Psychology Manual and Workbook

The Complete DC Psychology Manual and workbook is designed to be comprehensive in all the foundations of DC Psychology

Human Emotional Drive Mirrored Assesment (HDMA)

There are distinct differences between how we see ourselves and how others see us. When we become aware of these, we can correct our path

Additional DC Tools for More Effective Learning

In addition to the Colored Brain Tools, you will get other set of tools to make learning easier, faster and more fun.